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  • Daffodil - Preview

    I hope this Daffodil tutorial will take you to your place of calm and show you how to work with yellow while not using shadow colours. It is tricky but sweet and you can repeat it as often as you wish. stay well and a virtual hug to you all.

    Monday March 23

  • A Blue Hen Egg - Preview

    This egg is the ultimate in understatement but the best simple shape to practice observation of subtle light and shade. It can be used in a composition, added to a mixed study page or simply painted on its own. The colour of the egg is created by a pigment called ‘oocyanin’ added by the hen during the process of laying. The colours take practice to perfect, so you could draw up many eggs across the page and repeat, repeat, you know that is the way to eggcellence!

    Monday March 09

  • Red and Gold Calla Lily - Preview

    One of my all-time favourites for all levels of painting confidence; the washes are fabulous to mix and blend, the shape is simple but elegant and it is a great flower head to add to your sketchbook. Draw it at many angles and get the most from your flower.

    Monday February 24

  • Spinach Leaf - Preview

    This lovely simple leaf will help you in reaffirming your skills, simple things are not only good for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced painters to check and confirm their confidence in control. It is only when we can make something so simple look easy that we can feel that watercolour thrill. It’s also great for practicing green. It is also a lovely little study for a sketchbook.

    Monday February 10

  • Big Blue Agapanthus (variety ‘Night Sky’) - Preview

    After much requesting here is my first agapanthus tutorial. I love this flower as I know you do too, the colours are intensified form the photograph and therefore if you chose to work from life you won’t need to go so dark. There are many varieties which I will cover another time but this one has a beautiful blue hue and fresh mid green leaves, here I have just concentrated on the flowers as there is a lot to do. Enjoy the project and maybe share the love by encouraging friends to join my lessons and learn to love watercolour. Billy x

    Monday January 27

  • Green Textured Avocado Persea Americana - Preview

    The Avocado is actually botanically a berry housing a very large seed! It is so knobbly I thought what a wonderful way to show you how I would attack such a study. You don’t have to paint the whole fruit, you could just try a section in your sketchbook but have a go and zone out into a happy painting place. Billy x

    Monday January 13

  • Pink Hydrangea Flower Head - Preview

    I spent many years disliking the big round pink blooms of the Hydrangea and then one day after admiring a shrub that was simply dripping in flower, I decided that it was a spectacularly beautiful and ‘lovely to paint’ plant. It has certainly grown in popularity maybe due to the access and variety of the plant in recent years. I love the shape of the petals, the veining, the spotting of colour as it matures and the stems! I hope you will love painting it too. I have added it to a large sheet of studies, my challenge is how to make this collection into a design, watch this space. Happy pink painting. Billy x

    Monday December 30

  • Spindle - Euonymus Europaea - Preview

    This enchanting plant with its jewel-like pink and orange fruits is a pretty and charming botanical subject. I have a weakness for pink and orange combinations which I have no explanation for, it must be a deep-seated happy childhood memory. I have included some decorative gold leaf text, it is great fun and I am sure you will want to have a go.

    Monday December 16

  • Medlar - Mespilus Germanica - Preview

    This very interesting fruit has been cultivated since Roman times and yet is not commonly known. I think it’s gorgeous and would plant a Medlar tree just for painting. The blossom is lovely too. The fruit is best eaten when very, very ripe, they call this stage Bletted, it is just when the fruit is about to collapse in ripeness. I think it has a wonderfully ancient look to it and the colours are perfect for an autumn/winter study. Adding some simple gold text makes it a project I hope you will love and repeat. Best wishes for the season. Billy x

    Monday December 02

  • Aubergine/Eggplant Heirloom Rosa Bianca - Preview

    This plump and rather imposing vegetable is the most luscious purple with an intriguing knobbly top. I chose to paint it as the texture is so wonderful and the top contrasts so beautifully with its smooth body. Take your time with this project, don't over sweep the colour and don't rush the detail. Maybe you could combine this eggplant with the previous aubergine study? Happy painting Billy x

    Monday November 18

  • Long Spiral Sea Shell - Preview

    I’ve always collected seashells and this is one of my little favourites I love the ever decreasing sections on the beautiful soft tones of golden brown. This is a wonderful addition to our little study page of found treasures from nature but you could make your own page of seashells and start a painting of your own collection from the seashore. See how I tackle this study and then give it a go.

    Monday November 04

  • Red Anemone Leaves - Preview

    This week we are painting the pretty collar of the anemone leaves, they are a delightful feature of this flower. They curl and twist about the stem, making them the perfect subject to study and paint. Have fun with the greens and paint along with me. Best wishes Billy

    Monday October 21

  • Red Anemone - Preview

    This weeks little study is a beautiful red anemone, these are a favourite with botanical artists as the detail in the stamens is a wonderful contrast to the velvety colours of the petals. They have a fancy collar of leaves near the top of the flower adding further charm. Commercially grown anemones can often twist and turn to the light and can have lovely curvy stems which allows us to create beautiful compositions. I hope you will enjoy painting this beautiful little flower along with me. If you can acquire the fresh flower from a florist, all the better, you will see the delight of the stems. Happy painting, Billy

    Monday October 07

  • Double White Amaryllis Flower - Preview

    This is one of those flowers that takes your breath away, it is so full of itself and fancy. As a project it will test your ability to do less in between stages and mix a myriad of beautiful greys and greens. There is a lot to do but I hope you will agree with me it's worth it. Happy painting, Billy

    Sunday September 22

  • Physalis Berry - Preview

    This is an intriguing little fruit, the bright orange berry encased within papery sepals is a favourite amongst botanical painters. Use your best paper for this study because poor paper will not allow you to get the smoothness of the berry. I enjoy painting the beautiful veining and the fine little hairs that one can see upon the sepals, I hope you will too. The fabulous thing about these little berries is they last a long time so if you’re a slow painter but still want to work from life a little bowl of these berries will keep you painting for quite some time. Happy painting, x Billy

    Sunday September 08

  • Fuschia - Preview

    What a delight these little flowers are, I used to dislike this plant until I focused in on the flowers, I also inherited a whole host of them when I moved to my present home. They are positively balletic, I love to paint them dancing over the page. They are a joy to draw and in this project we cover a little drawing advice. Happy dancing, best Billy

    Sunday August 25

  • Hosta Leaf - Preview

    Another gorgeous leaf for you to enjoy. I love Hosta plants, as do the slugs, who just pipped me to the post on the flower, or I would have followed this with a flower study to go along side. I will revisit this next season but do have a go, repeat repeat and if you have leaves of a similar variety then give it a go. Best Billy.

    Sunday August 11

  • Japanese Anemone Leaf - Preview

    I love painting leaves and tracing the veins, noticing patterns and describing the light. Often the leaves can seem terrifying but here we take it in stages. Pace your concentration and hopefully you too will love the leaves. Green is the dream, dive in and paint the verdurous surrounding us. Best Billy

    Sunday July 28

  • Magnifying Glass - Preview

    In the final part of our three-part still life composition, we are going to paint the inanimate object of a small magnifying glass. If you’ve had a go at the Christmas bauble, then this will be easy in comparison. My favourite bit about painting the magnifying glass is painting the glass itself so amazing how just a subtle change of colour can transform the circle into an object. We also deal with the cast shadows on this tutorial. Once you have completed this why not find similar subjects and create a beautiful little still life all of your own. Happy painting, x Billy

    Sunday July 14

  • Patterned Sweet Pea - Preview

    I’m always filled with such utter joy when the sweet peas really start to flourish into bloom, this beautiful patterned sweet pea was a delightful surprise when it appeared amongst a mixed seed bed. Although it appears very challenging once you switch off and get absorbed in the detail, I am convinced you will enjoy the process. Add it to your previous sweet pea studies to create a new composition or simply enjoy the flower head and perhaps send it as a handmade card to a loved one. As always, happy painting, x Billy

    Sunday June 30

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