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  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Onion

    This week I show you how to paint an onion, only botanical and still life artists relish (sorry for the pun) the painting of an onion and see the beauty of capturing both the shine and the lovely papery layers. Its a great way to learn how to mix browns and its a very simple drawing. My tip this week is to keep turning the drawing to make sure you don't draw a lop-sided onion 😊 Don't leave it in your painting space too log either or the smell could put you off! Enjoy the process and share your experiments on www.billyshowell.com members forum. Best wishes Billy

    Monday November 20

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Ivy Wreath

    Dear fellow artists, we are painting another Christmas card and this time we going to do a little tiny wreath it’s made out of some viburnum berries and some ivy, in plenty of time for you to paint it for a friend or loved one. You could create your own little wreath and add other features or follow the tutorial from the photo provided,I think it’s lovely to make your own and good fun too. Thanks to all of the full bloom members of my tutorial site who have joined and enjoyed painting with me and developing your painting skills it only takes a few minutes to click and learn. Happy Painting Best Wishes Billy

    Monday November 06

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Lily Leaf

    I know how you all love to get to grips with leaves, here is a tutorial I did earlier this year to go with the White Arum Lily. I still have some of these in the garden in October! So if you do too then do try to work from life if you can. This was also painted on the presently tricky Fabriano and it was not as easy as I usually find it; so do try the Moulin Du Roy as I really rate this paper, I use the slightly textured side. Happy Painting Best Wishes Billy

    Monday October 23

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Cherry

    Cherries are great to paint, they have beautiful colours and wonderful reflections and highlights. Here is one to try, if you enjoy painting it, why not add some more and create a feast of cherries across the page? We use a number of techniques that you will be familiar with but all in small amounts remember to let the stages dry and don't give up, paint to perfection! Best wishes Billy

    Monday October 09

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Pineapple

    This weeks tutorial is nice and compact, we look into just a small section of pineapple. Each section is quite tricky but fascinating and a nice little project for your sketchbooks. We will visit the leaves and the final fruit in later tutorials. Why not grab 20 minutes and give it a go? Best wishes Billy

    Monday September 25

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Bearded Iris…

    This is part 2 of the bearded Iris study where we buildup the colour and detail, remember not to rush this part, allow every stage to dry and rest that way your paper won't get overworked. By now you will have drawn and started the study so if you feel anxious practice the next round of techniques in your sketch books before you begin. best wishes Billy

    Monday September 11

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Bearded Iris…

    This is the first part of a bearded iris, this flower portrait is quite involved and I would suggest that the first part is suitable for all levels and the second part for those who have mastered some of the dry brushing skills, if you are still coming to grips with the later addition of colour then spread the project over a few days and allow every additional glaze to thoroughly dry. Iris are one of my favourite flowers and gathering from your requests it is one of yours too. Happy painting and watercolour waiting to dry time. Best wishes Billy

    Monday August 28

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Aquilegia

    This delicate little flower was one of the first flowers that I painted in oils back at the start of my painting days. It's such a cottage garden favourite that we just had to do a tutorial. I hope you love it as much as I do.

    Monday August 14

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Red Sweet…

    This week's project is a pretty sweet pea flower to add to our sweet pea study if you wish or you could just do it as a little study on its own in your sketchbook. It will keep us in mind of the lovely summer that we did have and keep us in hope for the lovely summer we will have, happy painting! Best wishes Billy

    Monday July 31

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Rose Bud

    This weeks project is another jump into fine detail, here I will show you how to build up dramatic shadow to show off fine bright detail. We learn how to create a marbled pattern and soften it all to create a beautiful study of a rose bud over twice its natural size. Lots to do and a great idea to use as a start to your own rose bud collection. May your brush dance across the page. Best wishes Billy

    Monday July 17

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