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  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Ornamental Cherry…

    Hello fellow watercolour venturers, this weeks tutorial is one of my favourites and just about on time, we are painting blossom and ornamental Cherry blossom.

    Monday May 22

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Purple Iris

    Dear fellow painters, this weeks project is for a little relaxation, we have been working so hard on detail that I thought a softer project would be a bit of fun. This softer style of watercolour painting gives you the opportunity to enjoy the medium, see how it flows and sit back to watch the results. I drop one of these tutorials into the mix to help those of you that want to stretch out of the botanical confines sometimes. I hope you enjoy it and use it for recreation before our next big project to follow. best wishes Billy

    Monday May 08

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Striped Crocus

    I can't believe we are towards the end of April, where does the time go? This weeks project is a pretty striped crocus, it is one of those flowers that opens fast when brought indoors so it need to be painted in situation outside or photographed to give you a sporting chance. Here I show you an enlarged view of the flower, twice its actual size; this way you can practice the fine veining before tackling it at it's actual size if you wanted to give that a go. Lots of lovely purples and details for you to try. Paint like the wind! Best Billy x

    Monday April 24

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Sarracenia Moss

    This week we complete our anniversary project by adding some soft moss around the leaves. It's a fun start with the use of some cheats finishing off with lots of fine detail and a little artist licence to complete and pull the leaves off the paper. Best wishes Billy

    Monday April 10

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Primula Card

    We are a little late for the UK mothering Sunday but hope it's in time for other special days around the world. This is a small pretty project that could be painted just for you or for a gift to a loved one. It combines the detail of botanical painting with the softer style of watercolour. A little break before we show you part 3 of the Sarrencenia project. My very best wishes to you all. Billy x

    Monday March 27

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Sarracenia Leaves

    Part two of our birthday celebration tutorial is the Sarracenia leaves in colour. This may look daunting but don't be afraid; take a small section and see how you get on. This is a great project for getting to know veins and their intricate patterns; also how to enhance and develop sections of a painting to emphasis foreground and background. The complete painting is something you can do over small sessions, I will eventually show you my way to depict the moss that surrounds the plant. So hard hats on, we are going in! Best Billy

    Monday March 13

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Sarrencina Leaves

    Dear fellow painters, this week we celebrate our 3 year anniversary of teaching online. I have a big project for you, we start with a drawing project which you can use as inspiration to create your own design. We then follow it with an intense painting session of sarrencina leaves. Beautiful colours and lots of detail to challenge us all. Thank you for being a member of watercolour beautiful, I hope that you have learnt and keep learning and improving. Watercolour painting makes me happy and my passion is to make you happy painters too. Best wishes Billy

    Monday February 27

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Mussel

    We are adding to the page of little studies this week, a mussel shell with all it's lovely texture and pattern. Give this a go it's a simple and yet quite rewarding little painting, maybe add it to the previous shell painting? Best wishes Billy Enjoy ?

    Monday February 13

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Bouquet Project…

    This is the final stage of the little bouquet, lots of lovely blue delphinium, just a tiny spur of the flower to place behind the anemone to give fullness and balance but there is a surprise at the end to revisit past lessons. I do hope you enjoy this challenge. best Billy

    Monday January 30

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Bouquet Project…

    Part two of my little bouquet is a revisit to a favourite of mine the Japanese anemone; it is a white one this time so the secret is all in the shadows. I think that trying to paint white flowers really got me hooked on Botanical painting. My dear mother in law Edith Cook, painted the most beautiful white lilies which caught my eye one day at their house in Lincolnshire, then I saw the exquisite flowers of Pandora Sellars in a Shirley Sherwood book and together these two lady's work pushed me towards trying to paint the perfect petal shadow. I do hope you have fun adding our first little flower. best wishes Billy

    Monday January 16

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