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The Billy Showell Fine Tipped Brushes Size 2

Price: £ 8
Including taxes

Quantity :

If you are fed up of buying brushes that split and lose their point then these brushes are the answer, they twist to a beautiful fine point and are so versatile for all the different techniques I use. 

Choose the size suitable for the subject.

Size 8 is great for oversize painting

Size 6 for does everything

Size 4 is suitable for small to medium flowers

Size 2 for those who paint very small projects

Buy all 4 for the complete kit, remember only use old brushes for mixing the paint and keep your beautiful brushes just for painting.


All brushes sent within the UK for free!

Postage outisde the UK can take 2-3 weeks, please order early for gifts to avoid dissapointment.

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